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The following is an introduction to several “web marketing” options available to potentially grow the users and popularity of a website.

We have separated options into four sections:

These are not in any order of preference, any one or all of the suggestions might be employed as part of a web-marketing strategy. However, all of the suggestions depend on a number of factors such as: who are your target audience? What is your estimated web marketing spend? How immediate or long term is your strategy? etc.

N.B. Since Google is (at the time of writing) the most popular search engine, we are using it and it’s variables as a standard in which you can improve traffic to a website.

Maximising the potential of the existing site

There are several ways in which we can help you improve the potential for Google to push the current website further up the search listings.

As Google understands website in terms of “presence and popularity on the web” it is important that the site is linked to as many popular sites as possible. Not only will this increase visibility on the web it will also encourage people to use the site by “clicking the link” via other related sites. Many other sites may well link to your website in exchange for a link back to their site or alternatively for a fee. This technique should improve the ranking that Google assigns to each page on the internet, which further helps the overall positioning of the website on the search engine results page.

Google also tracks websites according to the language used in the site. In principle, it is useful to decide which key words and/or sentences you would like to use through which the website can be found. It is also possible to find out the most current and popular key words and/or sentences relating to any given subject matter.

Paying for presence on the web

An alternative and perhaps more immediate way of improving the visibility of the site on the web is by paying Google to sponsor the website. In short, Google charge a fee per click for this service and whilst this can ultimately mean paying large sums of money, the price per click is not fixed and the client is at liberty to withdraw from sponsorship anytime they wish.

Advertising on the web

There are a number of ways in which we can advertise / promote your website online.

Banner advertising:
This typically involves creating graphic (often animated) strips - positioned in a horizontal or vertical [skyscraper] format - positioned on related sites. These not only stimulate interest amongst potential web users, they also serve as a direct link to the main site and therefore increase the presence of the site on the web.

Viral Marketing:
I send something to my friend, she loves it, laughs. She then sends it to all her co-workers. They send it to friends and family…and thus the virus has started. We continue to fan the flame so to speak and keep the virus going through what appear to be “spontaneous” methods.

What does all this mean? 3 million people saw your ad in two weeks and didn’t even think of it as intrusive advertising. They watched it and loved it so much that they passed it on to others.

Viral advertising on the web tends to be spread from peer to peer because of a useful, original or amusing idea. Viral campaigns often take the form of a 30 – 60 second film and/or animation. For example, an amusing and/or informative short story with a link to the website at the end of the story.

These forms of media are usually most successful if the idea and design have been extremely well considered. Likewise, the target audience and placement of the final banner/s or the seeding of the viral advert, needs to be considered with equal amounts of attention to maximise the potential of this media.

Mavo work alongside some leading “creative teams” who have a vast amount of experience in this field and would be confident in designing and developing a viral campaign and / or series of banners, which could then be strategically positioned on the web.

Social media = Increased brand awareness

Ever since the growth in popularity of social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, companies and individuals have learned to harness the power of social media tools to develop closer relationships, instant customer support, product or company information and beyond to their audience. By using social media tools (and regularly updating the content) you can broaden the relationship that you have with your existing audience and develop entirely new ones.

We're not only happy to help design, develop and manage your social media campaigns, we'd actively encourage you to use social media tools as an innovative and ever developing way to connect with your audience.

Global recognition for 1Goal charity design

Our print, web and animation design work for 1Goal has been viewed at the FIFA 2010 World Cup and presented to world leaders at a global education summit in South Africa. We're delighted to have played our part in helping the charity get such global recognition.

Sugar Puffs pack gets press attention

As part of a PR campaign, we were commissioned to design a 'limited edition' pack for the Sugar Puffs brand. Aside from getting to illustrate Honey Monster himself, we made a few headlines...

Healthcare campaign gains PR award

We're delighted to have created the identity and print media for the winner of the "Best Patient or Public Campaign" at the Communiqué PR & Medical Education Awards.

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