Sample of Leonardo Gaito's website

Leonardo Gaito - Visit website

Rebranding and website development

Leonardo Gaito, a historic Neapolitan jeweller, needed to modernize its brand and bring its unique pieces of artisanal jewelery into the digital world.

Leonardo Gaito's shop window in 1906

In the creation of the new logo we have taken into account three essential elements that characterize the company: the historicity of the brand, simplicity and elegance.

Positive and negative logo of  Leonardo Gaito

We have therefore taken up and cleaned the text of the historic sign to which the date of foundation was added. This way we have kept the tradition of the brand alive while adding the desired touch of modernity to it.

Sample of Leonardo Gaito's website on mobile device

The website reflects the approach taken for the brand restyling. The design is minimal to leave space for the images, while a traditional font like Bodoni has been paired with a font with a strong Art Deco flavor to reflect other aspects of the Gaito company such as the furnishings of its historic headquarters.

Finally, particular attention was paid to mobile devices to facilitate quick and easy access to the site.

Silver and semi-precious stones necklace designed by Leonardo Gaito

Another very important element when working with jewelry is the photographic composition.

The images must take center stage and clearly reflect the essence and personality of a brand.